About FreeTiers

You can set up a profitable business today, for free, without compromising on quality.

And FreeTiers is intended to help you on your way to success.

What is FreeTiers ?

Even though starting your dream business for free may sound too good to be true, the number of opportunities available nowadays makes it more realistic than ever. There are already many people aware of these offers. 

But, even for them, it's rather time consuming to find the right product. More often than not, the information is scattered all over the web either on service providers' websites, or in niche forums.

If you're one of those new to the world of free tiers, this site will help you from exploring the available options to actually building your business. FreeTiers' content categories all contribute to making your journey easier.

For a given use case, like hosting your website for free :

  • the directory provides you with in depth description of the free tiers.
  • the tutorials show you how to use each of the products listed in the directory;
  • the guides give you the most complete overview of the available solutions ;
  • the resources section deals with everything related to the free tiers like programming languages, frameworks, and content management systems.

The blog section is for news, updates and anything that doesn't fit in the aforementioned categories.

And if you are already a free tier connoisseur, FreeTiers is also built to serve as a handy reference for choosing quickly the building blocks of your next project and to provide you with the latest deals and updates without much hassle.

How Can FreeTiers Help You ?

If you were to spin up a new blog today to build a side income stream, how are you most likely to proceed.

You'd start by googling something like "how to start a blog" or "wordpress tutorial" if you already know about the WordPress CMS, which is by the way, the most popular CMS to date.

The tutorial you may end up implementing would be all about wordpress and choosing a reliable webhost. If you decide to host your site on the cheaper options, you'll have to pay about 5 bucks a month to keep your site running.

It's cheap and fine as long as you stick to the basic features.

However, as of 2021, there are many things you should at least consider if you really want your online business to take off and stand out.

First, it must be hacker-proof. You new WordPress site can get hacked fairly easily unless you know how to secure it properly or you hand it over to someone who can do it for you. It feels very bad to wake up and find out that your website your business relies on got hacked.

Next, you'll have to optimize your website for speed. It's important for providing a good user experience which Google already takes seriously. The Core Web Vitals update made it even more crucial. And even if you don't care about Google, which might be surprising, you must be aware that most visitors don't wait for a slow site to load; they just leave.

Thus, going with a basic setup from the beginning isn't really a good idea as there's kind of a feedback loop that favors the websites that are already doing well.

At that point, many people choose to go for a premium hosting package. But, this is not an affordable option for a business on a tight budget.

So far, we are left with only two options : either you pay for something you can't really afford for the moment or go with the basic features and the associated drawbacks.

These are the options most people know.

But there's at least a third one. 

The one that will give you the best of the two options we talked about earlier : a secure and  fast website completely free.

Free, with no compromises on quality.

That's what FreeTiers is all about.

By the way, FreeTiers isn't only about hosting your website for free. 

This is just a use case among many others I'm intending to cover, as soon as possible.

As for the alternative way to host a secure and fast website for free, take a look at this guide.

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Stay tuned !

Thanks for your interest and see you soon.